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1Hand Keyboard URL List Free

for iPhone & iPod touch.
1Hand Keyboard URL List FREE Download at App Store

Type URL easier and faster with one-hand !

Featuring the same keyboard as well-received 1HandMailer series
* Ideal key size that reduces probability of typographic errors
* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing
* Custom Keys to type “www.”, “.com/”, “.co.jp”, “.jp”, “.html”,
“.org” with a single touch
* No need to type “http://”
* Friendly alphabetical character array with 13 multi input keys with just 2 characters each to type faster and easier
* Useful keyboard Settings (touch the “tools” icon):
+Auto determination of character typed with multi-input key (eg. When
“OP=” key is typed once, the character “O” will be determined
automatically after certain time interval while the key is highlighted,
which is adjustable at the “tools” menu. This means you can type the same
character continuously without using the right arrow key)
* “Go” button to browse webpage with Safari