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Update : 4 March 2015

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Where can I find Japanese (Chinese,

Korean, Russian) keyboard on Easy Mailer ?


To turn on international keyboards other than English, Please change your iPhone or iPod touch Settings as follows:
Launch "Settings" and go > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards
Then, turn on keyboards you want to use.
For Japanese and Chinese keyboards, please move further as you have more choices. (ex. QWERTY, Kana, Pinyin, Zhuyin, Russian)
Now you launch Easy Mailer and can switch keyboards by tapping
Globe/World key at the left of the space bar.

Choose Keyboard











































































Privacy Policy Our Keyboard Apps

No personal information is collected. No names, no addresses, no phone numbers, no email addresses. No full sentences or phrases are transmitted by the app.
The app doesn't attempt to either obtain or use user identity in any manner.
No address book data is used or accessed by the app.
No location data is used by the app.

Updating to iOS 4.2

Important Notice to Our SMS/Mailer and Easy URL Apps Users:
Problem with Messages saved in "List"
Update: Dec. 4, 2010
As we announced, our SMS/Mailer and Easy URL Apps have a problem when used in iPhone/iPod Touch /iPad with the latest iOS 4.2 installed.
When you move to "List" and tap one of previously saved messages
(ahead of update to iOS 4.2) to reuse, its message text (destination No./Subject remains, though) will disappear.
We found that the message text is still there but can't be displayed due to changes in iOS 4.2, so please read the following instruction in case you would like to keep messages you wrote before to reuse.
All messages WITH destination No./Subject field FILLED will be displayed once you install the latest version of our app you use, which will be available @ AppStore. However, after iOS 4.2 installed to your device and in case messages saved in "List" WITH destination No./Subject field LEFT BLANK and select them to reuse, they will be deleted and won't be recovered anymore.
To avoid this, before installing iOS 4.2, we suggest to fill these fields with any characters you like, even one character will do. Or, you can just leave all messages stored in "List" untouched before updating our app you have, of course. Then after updating your device to iOS 4.2, please update our apps you have to the latest version, which is available to download now @ AppStore.

About Us

iPhone & iPod touch Application Development Team :
E.I. (Programming)
Keiichi Kobayashi
Toshihiro Nakane
Special Thanks :
Motohiro Kondoh, Kyouji Kondoh
Brandon Welti, Mihoko Hakata,
Torsten Klein, Thomas Lehn, Tiphaine de Mascureau
M&L Inc.