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Easy Mailer Japanese Keyboard

for iPhone & iPod touch.
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Type easier and faster with the original extended keys !

Want to try the extended keys?
- please check out "Easy URL Keyboard Free".
Click Here to Download of "Easy URL Keyboard Free".

Also you can use this application as Memo list !!!
Update information: Ver.1.2 Bug Fix.
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* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing
* Dedicated Keys equipped above the standard QWERTY keyboard for typing extend characters/marks such as inverted exclamation mark/question mark, quotation marks, accent mark, apostrophe, tilde and umlaut easier
* More dedicated keys for colon, semi-colon, period, comma, etc. appear when iPhone/iPod Touch rotated to type on a larger QWERTY keyboard
* To type a period(.) and space, double-tap the space bar


* Please make sure you select Japanese keyboard out of standard international keyboards before start typing messages
* iPhone OS 4.2 or above


FAQ : Where can I find Japanese keyboard ?