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"Ping Pong Animation", created in 2007 by Mr. Shinichi Suzuki, an animator/director of Suginami Animation Museum http://www .sam.or.jp, is the groundbreaking animation technique for beginning animators. This method is also called "relay animation (Shiritori Animation)", designed for multiple animators to make and relay animation sequences one by one under the equal conditions. This method is very simple ? draw 2 circles at the both right and left hands on paper/sheet first and draw any objects animating from one circle to the other one (left to right or right to left).


Relay Animation is quite popular style for multiple animators to make one long animation work ? the first animator makes his/her animation sequence, the second will follow from the last picture of previous sequence and make his/her own continuously. This goes on in the same manner until the last one. This style started in 1980's and has been called "Shiritori Animation, which is just like "Last and First", one of word games.


Mr. Suzuki calls this "Relay Animation", as each animation sequence is passed one by one just like a baton in relay races.


Toshihiro Nakane of Educare, is managing this website to familiarize the Ping Pong Animation. Please write me if you have your own ping pong animations publicized on your websites, I am happy to link them to this website.


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